Thursday, March 27, 2008

Further thoughts on the Pirillo/Drupal thing (Geekpost)

Starting here, we join a conversation in my head already in progress:

I actually think the project is a great idea; I see incredible potential applications on the micro (niche) level (e.g. in the enterprise, social action networks, etc.). My problem is that some of the coverage of it I've seen and heard so far seems to spin it as "soon anyone can launch their own Facebook or Digg" which is great except that no piece of software is going to deliver you the several million eyeballs to go along with it.

That's not to say that you couldn't combine parts in a new and interesting way (I'm all about the mashups), but at least part of what make Facebook and Digg what they are is a) innovation and b) position in the market. There are literally hundreds of companies that will sell you the code to put up your own auction site but, for better or worse, there's still just one E-bay.

Delivering functionality with a minimum of fuss is fantastic; I truly believe that. I just hope the project steers towards making the core Drupal experience more user friendly rather than simply a faster way to deliver the latest Web 2.0 widget.

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