Friday, October 03, 2008

Random notes from the Broad Art Walk

  • I have never before tonight been to a gallery which seemed to invite me to transcend my Earthly self and become one with the Pizza god. I did not, in fact, know that there was a Pizza god. There is. He's in a gallery on Broad at the moment.

  • Tonight marked the second time that I can remember having seen a bunch of white balloons used as a "screen" for a projector. It's an effect that I like and will have to remember.

  • If anyone knows what the music playing in Material was tonight, please leave it in comments.

  • Amber was quite taken with the work of a painter by the name of Amy Hutcheson in a gallery I very much like but the name of which I can't remember. The work reminded her of home. I dig that.


gatesofmemphis said...

did the balloon projection have showtimes? Or was it ongoing? I saw it on the roof but it was still barely daylight when I left.

I liked the artists painting the portraits across the street while the walk was happening. Good to take it across Broad rather than sticking exclusively to the south side.

Did not become one with the pizza gods, but I did see sand blown glass work in Broadway Pizza.

Justin W. McGregor said...

Strangely, when I wrote that it wasn't the art in the restaurant I was thinking of. There was (is) this groovy little space at the east end of the strip with work in it that very strongly resembles some of the work in the sculpture park on South Main.

It was one of the pointy headed guys (like the one in the second photo of your blog post) surrounded by floating pizza slices. Combine that with the ambient-noise-trance thing that the band had going and it was quite the experience.

Sadly by the time we got there, the sun was well and truly down so we couldn't really see the street paintings all that well, but the Balloon projection on top of UrbanArt was eye popping. Best I could tell it was ongoing.

gatesofmemphis said...

Yes, Odessa. I went in there for a minute and saw the relative of the 3 guys from the sculpture garden. The band hadn't started playing yet.