Monday, January 04, 2010

House Keeping (or, On the time honored tradition of giving up)

I figured since I announced the start of my 365 project here, I should probably make a quick post about it one year later, even though I didn't finish it. I decided to give up on it the day my dad passed away. It had gotten increasingly harder and harder to make myself pick up the camera the sicker he got. I was starting to develop an adversarial relationship with it, which is exactly the opposite of what I set out to do. Truth is that I kept shooting for some days after, but none of it was remotely worth posting. I'm sure there might have been value in trying to express what I was feeling visually, but I was too busy feeling it to try to work how to express it.

Some people can turn their pain into great art. Others turn their pain into blurry, badly framed, so-awful-it-almost-looks-intentional photography. I'll let you guess which one I am.

(also, for those who know what I've been dealing with lately, there's a horrible pun in the title that I didn't realize until I wrote it)