Saturday, March 15, 2008

@ckenp : Your top five list, sir.

Not that this has anything to do with anything I've ever written here, but I'm answering a question at twitter that's actually to long to answer there. I'm not really a car person, as such, but here goes:

5 - 1957 Ford Thunderbird (cherry red) - Unspeakable love for the Thunder-chicken. Not a vehicle owned by anyone in my family and I only road tripped in it once, but I have a soft spot for it none the less.

4 - 1974 Dodge Power Wagon (emerald green) - Thing howled on asphalt like something out of a B horror flick. Still, off road, nothing even comes close.

3 - 1995 Chevy S10 - My current ride... Loud unruly gas guzzling beast, but it's been an incredible little truck. I can't imagine I'll ever have another vehicle that will serve me this well. When I have dreams about being on the road, I'm in this truck.

2 - 1976 Plymouth Trailduster. For those unfamiliar with the Trailduster, it's a Ram Charger with a different name plate and a few alterations in the cab. My first truck... 440 with a Holly 4-barrel carburetor and high performance intake manifold. 8 gallons to the mile. I only had it for 3 years, but those years are the stuff of epic road trip legend. I could pack 10 of my closest friends in it and should we have a wreck, there was enough distance between any one of us and the dash board that we could write out our last will and testament before we hit it.

and, at the risk of being predictable:

1 - 1969 Chevy Camero Z28 (black) - First love. Seriously. 427 cubic inch block; there are few (street legal) things in all the world that equals the power or gas consumption of that vehicle. Considering I drove this thing alone out Oak Ridge Road at the age of 14, it's an absolutely bloody miracle that I'm still alive. It's probably as close as I'll ever come to knowing what a fighter pilot feels like.

Honorable mentions: My Grandfathers 1947 John Deere B Tractor and Gladys' late fourty's Chevy pickup with the three speed shifter on the column.


Ken said...

I knew your list would be better than anyone else's in the world.

Jennifer said...

I remember riding to Jackson in that Camero, to eat at the Japanese Steakhouse for your 13th? birthday...very fond memory, my friend..

Anonymous said...

It was a '56

bOb said...

No honorable mention for a '54 Bel-Air? scandalous, man. anyway, here's to old iron! -bob

Justin W. McGregor said...

Oddly enough, it was on one version of the list... Not sure why I spaced on putting it in the honorable mention category. Hope you can forgive the oversight, Oh Mighty Box-fan Repairman...

Anonymous said...

Just to be that guy, a 69 Z28 would have a 302ci engine, not a 427, unless it was replaced at some point.

Justin W. McGregor said...

It was :)

Erica said...

my current ride is a '91 s-10. i love it, and it was free.
best kind.

if you don't mind, who was your potter friend in MS? i lived on the coast for 7 years and knew lots and lots of potters.

oh and there is a 'regionals' for magic downtown this weekend.