Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Things to Do: Global Warming Solutions for America

Focus the Nation has organized a national teach-in Webcast to help educate America about solutions for global warming... Rhodes College is hosting a screening of the Webcast on Wednesday, January 30th at 7pm located in the Frazier Jelke Science Center- Room B. There will be refreshments and green-related Door Prizes.
[via Greening Greater Memphis]


jstringer said...

Global Warming is a myth.

Justin W. McGregor said...

Not really in the mood to argue the point, but:


When the most conservative US administration since Nixon's is willing to admit that something's going on, it's probably not just a political smoke screen. Not arguin', just sayin'.

Or are you suggesting that W's gone lefty? :)

jstringer said...

In 1995 the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that 2700 scientists agree that CO2 emissions caused by the excessive use of fossil fuels causes global warming. Subsequently a petition was signed by over 17,000 scientists questioning that conclusion. Here are some items that should be considered.

Fact: Ice core samples and other geological evidence indicates the average temperature of the Earth has not changed in over 800,000 years.

Fact: Earth's temperature follows cyclical changes of the Sun lasting about 100,000 years.

Fact: Earth spends 90% of its time in an "ice-age."

Fact: Oceans hold 50 times more CO2 than the atmosphere. Much of the scientific community now agrees that it is not an increase in CO2 that causes the Earth to warm but that warming of the Earth causes increases in CO2, or both.

Fact: so-called "greenhouse gasses" cannot behave like a greenhouse. The claim is CO2 and other gasses trap incoming solar energy and heat the atmosphere. Actual greenhouses do not work that way. Global Climate Change is becoming the more accepted scientific term for what is happening.

Fact: Earth is in its most stable climatic state ever. Changes in the climate were far more drastic in Earth's first 5 billion years.

Fact: Natural events can affect Earth far more than humans. Tephra particles from Krakatoa's eruption in 1883 spread throughout the stratosphere and lingered for years. An orange color to the sky and halo around the sun were visible. Global temperatures were lowered by 1.2°C. Weather patterns continued to be chaotic for years, and temperatures did not return to normal until 1888.

Fact: Geologic evidence indicates that about 15 million years ago Earth was about 4.7°C warmer than it is today, most certainly not caused by industrial pollution.

Fact: The current interglacial period (the warm time now versus an ice age) is about 11,000 years into its cycle. Current temperatures are virtually identical to the previous period about 100,000 year ago.

Fact: water vapor is a "greenhouse gas". Water accounts for 2% of the atmosphere while CO2 accounts for only .04% and is less reflective than water. As a result water vapor is responsible for around 70% of the atmosphere's greenhouse effect.

Fact: Our sea level is lower today than it was in the 1840s.

The Sun and Earth are bigger than all of us. It's improbable that we could do anything to significantly change our climate on a cataclismic scale.

The Kyoto Protocol, which went into effect in February 2005 was intended reduce CO2 emissions. Subscribing nations are bound by law to meet a mandated decrease in CO2 output by 2012 and carrying beyond. So far the Kyoto Protocol has wasted almost $300 billion (U.S.) and counting. Most now agree they cannot reach the goals. And the result is CO2 emissions have been reduced enough to only account for a potential .000004°C. That's potential mind you, not even measured, just our best guess. Government plans such as the Kyoto Protocol and anything spouted by Al Gore or Hitlery Clinton amount to nothing more than global socialization of all activities that touch fossil fuels, will waste billions of dollars, and will do virtually nothing to address the issue behind them.

Love you, Just.

Justin W. McGregor said...

Copy and paste talking points?!?! Oh come on, you can to better than that! :) I'll give you credit for trying on account of your cold, but honestly, you're a better arguer than that!

The first item is just silly ("three out of four dentists agree that Crest toothpaste is better than a punch in the nose") and the next two "facts" are simple false dichotomies... so are "facts" 4 and 6 come to that. That thing reads like a textbook on logical fallacies :)

I'm not going to refute point by point, because most of them aren't germane (and it's not like it's actually you making the argument anyway), but it is good to know you still like harassing me. I was starting to feel unloved!